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Co-Pods Learning Roadmap

Rarebrain Operating System

Our curriculum is based on the rarebrain Operating System® (rbOS), a flexible, human-centered and fun learning approach that teaches entrepreneurs and managers to build a scalable, self-sustaining small business. You will apply new methods to many problems facing your company.


  • Your company is the curriculum. Make impactful change to your business every month.
  • Make everyone an operator. No one stays on the bench, everybody contributes.
  • Skip mundane, passive training. Hands-on experience is the best teacher.
  • Transform your business into a Self-Sustaining Company in the shortest amount of time.

Co-Pods are responsive to group dynamics and built to create short-term gains
while preparing your company for comprehensive changes in the future. The
rbOS curriculum is tailored to the needs of each Co-Pod.

We use the rbOS assessment to benchmark the greatest needs of each group 
relative to the fundamentals of a self-sustaining company. Based on your 
cohort’s scores, rbOS training stages and roadmaps are matched to serve the 
needs of your group. Learning is supported by carefully sequenced team
activities, action plans, tools and accountability.


Tactical Owner

I am stuck in the entrepreneurial dumpster

Tactical Manager

I am stuck in the managerial whirlpool
Think it Up
Formulate Forward Path
Watch how Emerge planned for 10X growth
Learn to dismantle conceptual thinking that keeps you trapped and formulate the vision, strategy and actions for the path forward. Once you have achieved clarity, it’s possible to explore a systematic process that accounts for the needs and expectations of every manager, employee and stakeholder.
Expand operational capacity
Watch how Kevin transformed his company
Organizational design is critical to building a scalable company with systems that keep pace with growth and reduce owner-reliance. You will create human-centered systems, clarify workflows, and build the processes needed to expand the capacity of your company. This framework will directly impact productivity and performance in nearly every aspect of your organization.
Link for scalable growth
Watch how Jeremy got out of day-to-day operations
Create real visibility into your company around the flow of information and how the data is disseminated and visualized. You’ll build routines for day-to-day alignment and create accountability needed to transform your company. These are rhythms that will repeat, intersect and connect everyone in your company.
Manage the Framework
Watch how Darin works a lot less
You will prepare the company for lowered owner-reliance. Too often, the owner puts a successor in charge, only to step back into the business when performance plummets. By creating the framework needed to manage red flags, exceptions, iterations and corrective actions, not only the owner, but every team member, will enjoy continued high performance.

Freed-Up Owner

I work when I choose...
or not at all.

Empowered Manager Leader

I deliver consistent results
Sustain and Grow
Ensure business continuity
Watch how David gained his freedom
Enhance company valuation by reducing risks and improving operating performance. Learn to tactically clean up your company, optimize your intellectual property and normalize your working capital. Own a high-performing asset that will be ready for growth or transition on your terms and timeline.

Rare Brain Business

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CO-Pods work for all types of
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You and your team have tremendous domain
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The program provides the training and tools to get your hard-won
expertise into a codified, accessible system where it can be
leveraged to build a more scalable business.

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There are no silver bullets or guaranteed results. The program requires
dedication, focus and tenacity. The program is monthly and ongoing. Cancel
anytime after your initial commitment. It takes from 2-3+ years to build a
self-sustaining company, but the rewards along the way are worth it for everyone.

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self-sustaining small

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Michelle Scharpione

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